Top 5 Best Christmas Book Covers

Hi! Since Christmas is just around the corner (Sunday, to be exact), I thought I would post a list of my favorite Christmas book covers. (The list is not in any particular order; I just numbered them since it’s more organized that way.)

1. 20309175Insert title and authors here—sorry, typing all the authors names would take too long. 😉 I already talked about this book in my Festive Christmas book tag, so I won’t explain why I love the cover so much, but I think you can see for yourself.

Also, I just found out that all the authors are supposed to be part of the 12 pairs. 12 holiday stories, 12 authors, 12 pairs of skaters. How in the world did I not realize earlier? (I kind of thought the pairs were the characters… Oops.)


51r9hj81ijl2. Holiday Princess by Meg Cabot. I adore how simplistic and sweet the cover is. I’ve always loved how the Princess Diaries covers are kind of doodle-ish, simple, and all follow a similar theme (unlike some covers that change in the middle of the series *cough, Across the Universe, cough*).

Ah, and the nice little addition of snow in the background and a bow on the tiara.


home-for-the-holidays3. Home for the Holidays by Heather Vogel Frederick. Okay, so maybe I’m not the biggest fan of the girl on the cover (I’m sure a lot of you understand), but I love the wrapped gifts stacked on top of each other. So, imagine the cover without the girl. Then it’s great.

I’ve always loved the book covers of The Mother-Daughter Book Club (aside from the models on the covers). I’ve always loved the series. I just love the winter-y feel of this cover.


112500534. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. Look at the quiet beauty of the cover. It’s just so artistic…

Though I haven’t read the book, I heard the story is just as beautiful as the cover. I plan on reading it soon.




the_gift_of_the_magi5. The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. The cover is so raw. I love it. It’s nothing like some of the covers now that are terribly put together (no offense to those booksI’m sure they’re really good stories).

Also, this story has such great message/moral. You should all go read it. ❤



So, that’s it for my list!

What’s your favorite holiday book cover?

Image Disclaimer: The featured image (top of page) and other images on this page do not belong to me

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