My Top 10 Most Anticipated YA Releases of 2017

Hi! I thought I’d finally do something for The 12 Days of Bookmas, which was created by Hailey in Bookland ( I know this is a late post, as this one was for Bookmas Day 11, but I’m going to do it anyway because why not?

This is in no particular order, except for #1, which is my most anticipated out of this list, and #10, which is my least anticipated (but still more anticipated than others not on the list). Hopefully that made sense.

cmsttmdwgaag8_d1. The Dark Days Pact by Alison Goodman

I feel like I have been waiting for this book forever. As you could probably tell from my past posts, the first book of this series is my favorite of 2016. So, I’m even more excited for this one. I am driving myself insane waiting to find out what’s going to happen next!

Just one thing: I’m not a big fan of the cover change. When I searched up the cover for this book, so many different versions of it appeared, and what worried me was that the majority of them had a model on the cover. This cover was the my favorite out of all the versions and also the most similar to the first book’s cover. If you do not know this about me, I’m going to tell you that I cannot stand when there is a model on the cover. I have nothing against the person, but I want to be able to imagine the character myself and not be forced to see the character the way she or he is on the cover. Also, you guys have to admit, some covers where there are actual people on them look pretty horrid (no offense to the models themselves, of course—it’s usually the design that bothers me).

2. Lord of the Shadows by Cassandra Clare30312891

Obviously I’m going to be incredibly excited for this book to come out. It’s a Cassandra Clare book. Must more be said?

Well, actually, yes, more can be said. I must find out what becomes of the characters in this book! Also, I mean, really Julian? Come on. I’m giving you a second chance here. You better do it right this time. (For those of you who have read the first book, then you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who have no idea what I’m speaking of, then start reading Cassandra Clare’s books.)

278832143. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

When I was first introduced to this book, I found the plot very intriguing, and therefore promised myself I would pick it up as soon as it came out.

Also, the cover is beautiful, is it not?




51jhojovg1l-_sx330_bo1204203200_4. Enemy Exposure by Meghan Rogers

I haven’t heard any booktubers or book bloggers mention this series, but I discovered at my local library, and now I need to read the second book (you should read the series).

I enjoy a good spy thriller, and the first book was definitely a good one and the main character was such a female badass (the only unfortunate thing was the *slightly* cliché romance). But, it ended on such an enormous cliffhanger!


299393905. Windwitch by Susan Dennard

 Well, what is a better book to read about friendship and girl power than Windwitch?

I need to see how Safi and Iseult’s bond progresses, and I’m glad for the tiny bit of slow-burning romance (though it’s still kind of cliché, I’ll give it a pass, just like the romance in The Raven Files series).


209833666. Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

The first book was amazing! I loved the diversity in it, and time-travel has always fascinated me. I also adored the author’s writing style, especially her descriptions.

So, it’s no surprise I’m anticipating this book’s release. I don’t remember exactly since I read the book what feels like a while ago, but I’m pretty sure the first book ended with a cliffhanger as well.


ourdarkduet7. Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

 The world-building in the first book was magnificent, and the story was just as fantastic. I loved how complex the plot was, digging into deeper meanings of the way our society works.

Also, as many have said, the first book did not contain romance at all, which was quite a breath of fresh air.

I really hope to pick the second book up!


314507528. Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

Of course I really want to read this book—it’s written by some of my favorite authors (and new authors I can’t wait to be introduced to) and by some of my favorite booktubers!

I also love the cover, but though a lot of the booktubers say they love the purple background and how dark the cover is, I think it’s not dark or evil enough. If you’re going to write about villains, you should make the background of the cover blood-red. Dark blood-red. Now that’s what I consider to be the epitome of an evil cover.


297393619. Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

The first book of this series was voted best debut author book on Goodreads, so of course this series is good. I really want to see the story continue in this book!

(Side note: But did they have to change the cover mid-series? Sigh.)




1300757330. The Continent by Keira Drake

Now, I am very aware of the controversy surrounding this book, but I am willing to put that aside for now and give it a chance. I heard the release date has been pushed back so the author can work with the publishing company on editing the parts that seem racist, so hopefully when the book is actually published, that issue will be solved.

I’m not saying the problems in the book will be completely fixed, but I’m also not going to just never pick this book up. I’m going to give it a shot and see if I like it.


So, that’s it for my list!

In case I don’t have time to post tomorrow (which is a possibility), I’d like to wish you guys a



or a happy any other holiday you celebrate! 🙂

Image Disclaimer: The featured image (top of page) does not belong to me.








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