Love Triangles


Just a warning: This might turn into a rather long rant. You should probably grab a snack and a cup of tea (or coffee).

I am going to say this outright: I despise love triangles. I absolutely hate love triangles. They ruin a perfectly good book.

Love triangles are different from breaking up and finding a new person. I’m totally fine with that. That happens all the time in real life. But love triangles definitely don’t. At least, not love triangles like the ones in books.

Reasons Why I Despise Love Triangles

  1. They are extremely unrealistic. Who in their right mind would say or think: “I’m in love with this person, but he/she also is in love with someone else. That’s okay. We’ll just split our time with him/her. He/she can pick.”
  2. The main character NEVER picks the person I want him/her to end up with!
  3. Even if the main character picks the person I like, I still have to suffer through the ridiculous love triangle for the whole book (or even series).

Let me start with my first point. In every single book with a love triangle, the main character has to choose between two people. In the process, the main goes on “dates,” or at least spends time with, both people at the same time. Essentially, that is cheating. And, what is so infuriating is that the two people never seem to mind. They are totally fine with the person they’re in love with kissing and hanging out with another person.

Even if they aren’t really fine with it, the most they would do is complain a little bit. Never a lot. No, maybe a few tiny complaints here and there, but in the end, the main character can still spend time with both of them.

That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Now, let me get to the second point. The main character NEVER picks the one I want him/her to end up with! EVER!

Examples (among thousands of others):

  • Will, Jem, and Tessa. (Spoiler) I know Tessa ended up marrying Will, but she still got back together with Jem at the end! Technically, Will was her second choice. She only picked him because Jem became a Silent Brother. So, she actually picked Jem. I wanted her to be with WILL.
  • Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol. Now, I’m aware they weren’t totally a love triangle as there are many other guys, but I’m just talking about the first book for now. I really wanted Celaena to choose Dorian, but obviously that didn’t happen. Sigh. I never liked Chaol. No offense to him (and Chaol lovers out there).
  • Lila, Kell, and Alucard. Well, Lila didn’t exactly choose anyone and some would say it isn’t really a love triangle, but I just don’t like Alucard, so I have to include this here.

I can’t really think of anymore love triangles off the top of my head, but these are the ones I’ve thought of for now.

But, I must rant about the love triangle that prompted me to come up with this post in the first place.

I just started reading Snow Like Ashes and I loved it as soon I picked it up. I couldn’t stop reading. Then, I HAD TO PUT IT DOWN BECAUSE THIS HAPPENED:


“It’s not Mather’s full-face smile, but it still disarms me, making my legs weak under the layers of skirts and petticoats.”


“‘Well, I hope we get plenty of time alone together so you can convince me of your charm.'”

And finally,

“I place my hand in Theron’s, and his warm fingers tighten around mine as we move toward the staircase. Having him hold on to me gives me strength I didn’t expect.”

If this isn’t the start of a love triangle, then I don’t know what is.

Meira belongs with MATHER. NOT Theron. I repeat: she belongs with MATHER. End of story.

Perhaps sometimes the character picks the one I want him/her to pick. But, that just makes me hate love triangles more. If you’re going to make the main character choose someone, why make the reader suffer through the awful love triangle in the first place? Couldn’t you have just stuck with that person? WHY???

As for the budding love triangle in Snow Like Ashes, I still have the hope that Meira doesn’t end up actually falling for Theron and having to choose between him and Mather.

Someone please spoil that part for me. I just need to know who Meira ends up with. (Had to put that in bold so you guys would notice it.)

Whew. That was a pretty long rant.

Anyone else feel this way?

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2 thoughts on “Love Triangles

    • Sometimes I just don’t like a character, and Chaol was that character. Nothing personal. I can see why a lot of people ship him with Celaena though. Yeah, why Rowan? But just to defend Dorian, as a book-lover, I like Dorian because he loves reading too and has an enormous library. I just want to get into that library.


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