Schedule & New Layout (Again)

I know. I have a problem. I don’t even know how many times I’ve changed my layout anymore. Was it 3 or 4? Is this the fourth or fifth time?

Anyway. I know I’ve said this many, many times already, but I really think I’m sticking with this theme. For a long time.

This theme really speaks to me. I chose to go for a darker theme—both figuratively and literally—and I love it.

I know you guys probably can’t imagine me as a negative or depressing person because I’m always so bubbly and excited about things on this blog, but I have my emo moments (quite often). And I think this theme really represents that side of me.

That said, let’s talk about my posting schedule. Sorry about my lack of posting for the past two weeks—I’ve been really busy and this week wasn’t the best week for me (to put it lightly). Sigh.

I have finally come up with a schedule though, which is a start. I really want to maintain a constant posting schedule this month, so fingers crossed that I actually do it.

I’m planning on posting once a week on Saturdays. I know that isn’t a lot, but at least I will be posting consistently instead of sporadically.

Also, I plan on putting up two posts today since this one isn’t book related, so anticipate a second post sometime later!

*whisper* I might also post another day—along with Saturday—some weeks if I’m feeling inspired or just want to share some thoughts. 😉




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