Reading Slumps

I am currently stuck in a giant reading slump which is why I have not posted in so long. How could I post about books when I can’t even get myself to read books?

Every time I pick up a book, all I do is read a few pages (not too willingly, I might add) and give up. Then I try again, and give up again. After this happened multiple times, I just gave up on picking up books altogether. I don’t think I’ve picked up a book in five days or more. *looks guilty*

I am now 3 (and counting) books behind my reading goal which is why I haven’t gone on Goodreads in so long—looking at the steadily increasing number of books behind I am is making me depressed.

I’ve heard in order to get rid of reading slumps I’m supposed to read a short, light or fluffy read, but I don’t usually read contemporary books until the summer, as I can’t get through them during the other seasons, so that hasn’t helped at all.

Now whenever I have time, instead of reading, I watch videos or daydream…

Even when I watch a booktuber’s video, I feel inspired to read a certain book, but discover I don’t have that book, so I fall right back into my reading slump.

So, I apologize for having not posted in so long.

I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. 😦

Anyone else currently suffering through a reading slump? Perhaps we can get through it together. 📖


2 thoughts on “Reading Slumps

  1. I know the feeling. Usually I get out of reading slump if I go to the library or buy a new book, because when I’m surrounded with books, it makes me wanna read. I hope you get soon out of it and back to reading 🙂


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