How My Blog’s Name Came to Be


Thanks to a post from Cait @ Paper Fury, I have decided to be unapologetically myself.

See, I’ve been holding back a bit of my craziness (everybody’s got a bit of crazy in them, right?)

Just thought I’d let you know I may seem a bit crazier now. And also, did you notice a change in my tagline? *winkety-wink-wink* And I’m trying out using caps in the blog name… Hm. Tell me what you think. It’s growing on me.

Anyway. Back to the original topic of this post. How I chose my blog’s name.

It’s very simple. I like books. I like clouds. And adding “poems” in between sounded good. Oh, and I’m getting a bit more into poetry now.

Err… Well. That wasn’t a very long explanation was it?

I suppose I could mention why I spontaneously decided that here we would all be part of Cloud Kingdom.

Clouds are wonderful. Clouds float high above ground, mostly untouchable. The best place to be is sitting on a cloud reading a book, separated from reality and blissfully feeling a certain freedom from being up in the air.

And clouds are fluffy.

So, yeah. Cloud kingdom. Here, everyone has their own personal cloud. And the cloud kingdom castle is filled to the brim with books for everyone to add to their stacks.

Oh, and obviously locals of Cloud Kingdom must spontaneously spout poetry because we cannot leave out that part of the blog name. 👍

Thanks for reading! Byeee! 👋