DISCUSSION: Why Do Our Reading Tastes Change?

Hello! It’s procrastination heaven over here.

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Heh… Heh…

Yeah, this definitely explains why I’m posting a discussion post when I’ve got a pile (figuratively speaking—it’s more like a long list) of assignments sitting right next to me.

(Argh, why am I always more productive with this blog when I have other things to do, but when I’m free the inspiration never comes?)

*sigh* Oh, well… Let’s get to the discussion, shall we?

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Why do our reading tastes change?

(Because human beings are very fickle creatures.) (Or is that just me?) *looks around*

Okay, in all seriousness, here are two reasons why I think our reading tastes change:

  1. We grow up. That’s just how it is. We must age, just as parrots must squawk until your ears fall off. (I know this from experience. It isn’t fun.)
  2. We get tired of reading certain types of books because, like I said before, we are fickle creatures who are never truly satisfied.

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When we grow older, we change. We become more mature. We think differently. (All side effects of growing up, along with other, less… welcomed things *coughs*.)

For example, I used to be that person who devoured romance, and only romance. If a book didn’t have romance I didn’t touch it. *looks incredibly ashamed*

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Anyway… Now I realize the mistakes of my past, younger self. A book having romance is a nice touch, but it doesn’t have to have any. Actually, now bad romances annoy me.

Look, if you’re going to add romance to a fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, any-genre-other-than-romance book, then you should make it good. Otherwise don’t add romance at all.

Also. Love triangles. Can’t stand ’em.

And I’d like to remain at least a five-mile radius from insta-love, please.

See? How I’ve changed! *looks proud at self*

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Yes, humans are fickle creatures (stated bluntly by William Hague: “I know people are fickle”), and that is a reason for a change in our reading tastes, but of course there’s another factor to our fickleness: some books are just the same plot over and over and OVER again.

For instance, all dystopians seem to go along the same line…

The Hunger Games, Divergent… And so on. Even other dystopians that aren’t seemingly as similar to each other as The Hunger Games and Divergent are seem to follow a certain pattern most dystopians do.

The moral of the story: In the future our world will be even more messed up than it already is (which is heck of an achievement, humans *slow claps*).

Or, we just read too much of a certain type of book and just feel like you need a break. Or just get sick of it. Like me and romance. *ahem*

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Why do YOU think our reading tastes change? 

Image Credit: Featured background image belongs to Book Riot.

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