Christmas Readathon TBR

Howdy, folks!

So, um, I’m aware that December is almost over, but I kind of thought the readathon started December 18 because 12 days of Christmas… 12 challenges…


I’m posting my TBR anyway (albeit a bit late), so here we go!


1. Read a white book: Blame It on the Mistletoe by Eli Easton

Rating:  3-5-star-rating-black-hi.png

Yep, I already finished reading this one! It was a quick read (99 pages), so I flew through it in one night. Did I also mention it was an absolutely fluffy and adorable read?

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2. Read a Christmas Romance: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn, David Levithan

There are quite a few negative reviews of this book, but there are positive ones too, so I’m giving it a chance. Actually, I’m just reading this for the Christmas aspect because apparently Dash is a jerk and there’s no chemistry?

We’ll see.

3. Read an extravagant/sparkly/beautiful/decorative book that is unread: Home for the Holidays by Heather Vogel Frederick

Okay, umm.. I’ve actually read this before, but it was a long while back and wayy before I joined Goodreads, so I’m just considering this unread.

(There’s also the fact that I’ve forgotten basically all of the plot except for the fact that there’s a mother-daughter book club, which is the name of the series, so..)

4. Read a book that has stars on the cover: Santa, Baby by Jennifer Crusie, Carly Phillips, Lori Foster

Fingers crossed I like this one because I’m notorious (well, notorious only to myself) for disliking novella collection books.


Bonus Holiday Reads:

  • What Light by Jay Asher (i’ve started this and there’s a christmas tree farm which is an automatic plus for holiday spirit)
  • The Princess Present by Meg Cabot (ahh the memories – also i’ve seen many positive reviews so there’s hope!!)

If I don’t post again before the new year:

Happy Holidays!!

(aka Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ♥)

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UPDATE: New Theme & Posting

Hello, fellow holiday-goers! Happy Chanukah (or Hanukkah, however you prefer it) for those who celebrate it. 🙂

I have not posted in ages, though I have my reasons. (I know my actions have still been shameful – please forgive me.)

My reasons?

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Anyway, I want to be honest with you guys, so I’ll say this: I might not be able to post during holiday break (it’s coming up – finally!). I’ll be going on vacation, and by the time I get back I’ll most likely have a lot of work to finish.

However, I can promise I’ll try as hard as I can to post!

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do know that I’ll be posting my Christmas Readathon TBR soon, so be sure to check for that. 😄

Alright – I’m Audi! (If anyone get’s that reference, props to you. 👍 )