Currently Reading Tag

Happy New Year!

I’m back with a tag this week. I’ll most likely be posting every two or three weeks from now on (due to how backed up I am on schoolwork, so I’m currently playing catch-up with my assignments before they’re all due).

Thanks for being so patient with me!



1. How many books do you usually read at once?

I normally read around 2 or 3 books at a time, but since I’ve been obsessed with webcomics and comics in general lately, I’ve got 9 books on my currently-reading shelf. 😅

2. If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch to reading the other book (do you read a certain amount of pages in each)?

I don’t really decide – I normally just switch to reading the other book if I get bored of the one I’m currently reading or am in the mood to read a different book.

Or, in the case of Webtoons, painfully wait for week-by-week updates and read the new episodes whenever they’re uploaded.

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please update now


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what about now
seriously now please??

3. Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re part way through a book?

*raises hand* Guilty. Sometimes I lose my bookmark mid-way through the book. Don’t ask how because I have no idea. It’s a talent.

4. Where do you keep the book you’re currently reading?

Um. On the internet? In iBooks?

Haha, jokes, jokes (though that is where I actually keep most of my books nowadays 😂).

If it’s a physical book, I’d bring it wherever I go, so there’s no designated area.

5. What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

During the nighttime, normally before I go to bed.

6. How long do you typically read for in one go?

It depends on how much time I have and what I’m in the mood to do. Sometimes I’ll binge-read an entire book, and sometimes I’ll only read a chapter or two.

7. Do you read hard covers with the dust jacket off?

I don’t read hard covers often, but if I do, I leave the dust jacket on unless it’s really bothering me.

8. Which position do you mainly use to read?

Sitting. Or lying down. Or both (my neck and back get sore – yep, already getting old).

9. Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

Yep. Only if it’s an ebook though. I used to bring physical copies with me everywhere (see question 4), but now my back can’t afford extra weight in my bag.

10. How often to you update your progress in the book you’re currently reading on Goodreads?

Whenever I make any progress in a book, so a few times a week (depends on how much I’m reading).

11. Who would you like to tag?

Anyone! 😄


Thanks again for sticking around! See you in my next post. 👋




Reading Habits Book Tag

I’m baaack!!

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ominous *for now…*

Sorry I was gone so long… Forgiveses? Again?



I’m coming back with this post because, unfortunately, it might be a while before the next one comes.

I’m considering posting twice within these few days because I’d like to leave you guys with bit more material to read before I go on an, admittedly, longer hiatus. *heh, heh*

Here’s the explanation: I’ve got a really busy next few (haha few, no, it’s quite a few months) ahead of me, so I won’t have any time to post. At all, basically. Honestly, I’m not expecting to get much sleep from now on.

*whispers* (AKA I’ve got loads and loads of schoolwork coming my way. LOADS.)


However, moving on to something much more positive, I’ll be sure to post once the holidays arrive! (AKA Thanksgiving + the many holidays that occur in December.)

I am also planning on changing the theme (no worries—only temporarily this time! 😅 ) into something festive when the time comes, so there’s also that to look forward to. 🙂

Now, that’s enough explaining (aka me babbling a lot), so let’s actually get to the tag.


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1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

As I’ve mentioned before, this answer is a bit boring (ahh please don’t abandon me just yet), as I normally just read at the table (come on, it’s comfortable and I don’t have to strain my neck or back), or my wonderful, wonderful bed.


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2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Mmm… Depends. I used to use random pieces of paper or post-its, but since I’ve got a collection of bookmarks now, I just use those. (Though when I’m feeling lazy it’s just -*whoosh* *swipes random paper from table*.)

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3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?

Normally I just stop reading. I mean, I don’t want to set a certain amount for myself to read up to. Reading is usually for leisure, so I don’t want to put any pressure on myself to read a specific number of pages.

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4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Mhm. Definitely. It *enhances the reading experience*.

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5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I listen to music when I read. For some reason, sometimes I feel like I have to be doing two things at once. That’s how my book playlists form. The music I listen to while reading that book is the music that creates the playlist for the book.

In a way, music helps me become absorbed in a book. Anyone? Anyone? No one? Okay…

giphy-downsized (15).gif

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6. One book at a time or several at once?

I don’t do it intentionally—I swear! Somehow I just always end up reading multiple books at once.

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7. Reading at home or anywhere?

Anywhere. Including restaurants when waiting for the food to arrive. See, most people get annoyed when they have to wait a long time for food, but I just see it as more time for me to read. 😊

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8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently in my head, of course. Unless I’m reading to someone else. I have discovered that reading out loud takes a significantly looonger amount of time.

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9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I suppose you could say I read ahead a bit because sometimes when I’m getting info-dumped I get bored and skim the giant paragraphs (sometimes I skip one or two paragraphs altogether). Or, if I’m not really interested in a book I skim and skip over pages until I reach the interesting parts. Heh. Heh.

And other times there are very valid reasons for skipping a page. 😭 😭

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10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

As much as I want to keep the spine new, I always end up breaking it, so I’ve given up on that dream and just accepted it.

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11. Do you write in your books?

Nope. Only post-its, or nothing. Plus, there’s something really satisfying about seeing and feeling the post-its sticking out from the pages. (Or is that just me…? 😅 )

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12. Who do you tag?

Anyone. Everyone!

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P.S. I’m trying out inserting a feather in between every question for my tag posts. Yes? No? Too much? Feedback would be wonderful!






Summer Biannual Bibliothon Book Tag

Hi guys!

I may have just found out this was today’s challenge (whoops), so I’m kind of scrambling to pull this together (oh dear).

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Alright, let’s get started. First, the host of this challenge is Nana over at 4TeenLiars, so be sure to check her out!

Now let’s get to the tag.

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 1. What are you planning to read for the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

I’ve created a TBR for this, which consists of four books: Palace of Spies by Sarah Zettel, The Witches by Roald Dahl, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee, and Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi.

Also, I started Palace of Spies today. (Just thought I’d add that there. Um. Yeah.)

2. What is your favorite genre to read in summer?

Contemporary. All the way. I know, I know, everyone says this, but there’s a reason why. I mean, what better way to spend your summer than reading about someone else’s summer? (A lot of contemporaries are set during summer vacation.) (Although any contemporary will do. All light and fluffy books are good 👍.)


3. Where is your favorite place to read in the summer?

Honestly? Not much different from during the winter. *looks sheepish* Either the table (boring, yes, but also comfortable because I have to bend down a lot reading on the couch and then my neck and back start aching, but at the table it’s the perfect height and position 👌), or my bed.

I love my bed.

4. What is your favorite challenge done in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

My favorite challenge is read a book with less than 1,000 Goodreads ratings. We really should read more underrated books. 🙂

5. What fictional character would you hang out with in the summer if you could?

There are so many to chose from—how am I supposed to pick?

Okay, I suppose I’ll pick Emily and her gang (Frank, Matthew aka Collins, and Dawn). Oh, and Sloan. Come on! They’re the perfect summer buddies. (And it’d be pretty cool to see what’s on Emily’s list that we can complete together. 😉 )

6. What are your plans for summer?

Mmmm… This summer is rather uneventful, but I am going to the beach in August. It’ll be great to relax on the beach and read a good book. ☀️


7. Do you have summer reading playlist, if not what would be on it?

I do, in fact, have a summer reading playlist, although it might be an issue listing it here because it’s umm… a bit long.

Also, it may or may not consist of only kpop songs. Heh, heh.

But, I do have a few recommendations that are really fit for summer.

  1. “Why” by Taeyeon
  2. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO
  3. “Closer” by OH MY GIRL

8. What is your favorite summer movie?

*thinks really hard* *keeps thinking* *can’t think of anything* Aha! Legally Blonde. Elle Woods was the best.

9. What book do you read every summer, if not what thing do you do every summer?

I either reread the Percy Jackson series or try to get over procrastinating (the procrastination part is a work in progress).

10. What other book tags are you planning to do this summer?

Hmm… Maybe the Reading Habits tag.

Untitled design (1)Whew. I hope I made it.

Thanks for reading! 👋

Bonus Song:  “Forever” by EXO (I know, I know, my friend called me a “walking advertisement for kpop” the other day).




Coffee Book Tag

Time for another tag!

Okay, so I don’t drink coffee all the time, but I do like a good cup of coffee every now and then. And can we talk about how amazing coffee smells? Mmmm… Just thinking about the wonderful aroma of coffee makes me want some.

*focus, self, focus* Whew. Back to the tag.

1. Black: Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

Lord of the Rings. I’ve got a friend who absolutely adores the series—perhaps “adores” isn’t the best word. I suppose you could say she thinks the series is “literary genius.” However, it’s just so hard to get into. I tried reading the first book, but if I’m being honest, I got quite bored reading it…

giphy-downsized (1)

2. Peppermint Mocha: Name a book that get’s more popular during the winter or festive time of year.

My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories. This one’s a bit obvious, I know. “Holiday” is literally in the title. But that’s why everyone reads it during the holidays, right?

3. Hot Chocolate: What is your favorite children’s book?

The Witches by Roald Dahl. And every one of his other books. Because we can’t forget about Matilda, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and all his other fantastic stories. Why I picked The Witches first though was because I loved the book so much when I was younger that I reread it and reread it and reread it. Of course, now that I think about it, I reread Matilda quite often as well.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading to the library to check out all of Road Dahl’s books to get over this awful reading slump that has come over me.


4. Double Shot of Espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis. I flew through this book in one day. Every time I got to a new chapter I thought: “Must. Continue. Reading. Must. Know. What. Happens.

giphy-downsized (2).gif

Really. You must read the series. Just get past the first book and you’ll be whizzing right through. (This is the rare series where the books get better and better as you go on). (Also, just as a warning, ignore the terrible cover change for the last book.)

5. Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.

The Hunger Games. This is a pretty generic answer since a lot of people have said this, but that just means this book really is seen everywhere. And if you haven’t read it—um, have you been living under a rock?

6. That Hipster Coffee Shop: Give a book by an indie author a shoutout.

Angelfall by Susan Ee.

I’m not 100% sure if this book was written by an indie author, but it was listed under “indie” in Goodreads and I haven’t heard book bloggers or booktubers really talk about this book, so I’m just going to put it as my answer.

Anyway. Angelfall is fantastic. Wonderful. Amazing. All the other adjectives I can’t think of right now. You should definitely pick this book up. Now. Please?


7. Oops! I accidentally got decaf: Name a book you were expecting more from.

Before I answer this question, I have to ask: How do you “accidentally” order decaf?

Back to the actual answer. The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. I was expecting A LOT more than what it gave me… A lot more.

giphy-downsized (3)

8. The Perfect Blend: Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying.

The Vampire Academy series. The last three books… Man, those were definitely bitter, but at least the series ended with sweet moments…

9. Green Tea: Name a book or series that is quietly beautiful.

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki. The art style, the simple color palette, the story, everything together…

10. Chai Tea: Name a book or series that makes you dream of far off places. 

The Falconer series by Elizabeth May. It made me dream of Scotland, yeah, but mostly about the land of the fae. Okay, I’m well aware that it’s incredibly dangerous there, I would most likely die as soon as I stepped foot there, blah blah blah… But perhaps I could go during tourist season? Visiting hours? *looks hopeful*

However, I just have to include Anna and the French Kiss here (not because I loved the book though, I actually thought the story itself was just “meh”), but because I am so intrigued by France, Paris especially. I really do dream to go there… (There’s also the upside that this is actually an achievable dream, though you never know 😉 ).

giphy-downsized (4)

11. Earl Grey: Name your favorite classic.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I cannot describe to you the impact this book has. It really makes you think back to when you were a wee child, imagining up millions of things that only exist in your head, lost in your version of the world.

That’s it for now!

If you want to do this tag, I tag you. (Especially you coffee lovers out there ☕ ).

Thanks for reading! 👋

Anything But Books Tag

As you guys can clearly see, I’m very into tags lately. 👍

Anyway. I really wanted to do this tag so you guys can learn a bit more about me. Okay, let’s get started with the questions!

1. Name a cartoon that you love.

Umm… Does anime count? If so, then Yuri On Ice. Still waiting for season two. Tick, tock…

Actually, an anime I was quite obsessed with at one point was Fairy Tail. Then I kept watching, and watching, and watching, finally realizing the end wasn’t even close to near. So, I kind of gave up. There were way too many episodes, though the show was quite interesting.

If you’re looking for a really long anime that you can continue watching for a long, long time though, then Fairy Tail is for you. The premise is really great and the characters all having very… unique personalities (though I actually didn’t really like Lucy, one of the main characters, as she was a bit annoying).

2. What is your favorite song right now?

If you read my K-Pop post, then you’d know I’m quite into kpop right now. However, I’ve gotten over my obsession with EXO (not that I don’t still love the group—I still adore the group members and their music), but I’ve branched out. There are two songs I’m really loving, so I’m going to list both because I can’t choose.

I’ll link to their music videos: “Fine” by Taeyeon (if you want to just listen to the music, skip to 0:22) and “Don’t Wanna Cry” by SEVENTEEN.

3. What could you do for hours without reading?

Watch YouTube. No hesitation there.

4. What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

Um, draw, maybe? I don’t think it’s very surprising, but I love to sketch and paint.

5. What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

I don’t really have anything like that right now, but back when I was obsessed with EXO I was very interested in learning everything I could about the group. I promise I didn’t stalk them or anything, though. I just thought the members were fun. 😅

6. What is something interesting that you know how to do?

I can make a clover shape with my tongue.

7. Name something you made in the last year and show us if you can. 

Nothing here. I’m sure I’ve made something in the last year, but I just can’t remember what. Heh, heh… What a fascinating post this is turning out to be.

8. What is your most recent personal project?

Ah, finally something I have an answer to! Since I’ve become interested in kpop, now I’m trying to learn Korean. I mean, I might as well learn so I can actually understand most (or some) of the lyrics I’m listening to without having to look at the English lyrics, right? Also, I’d like to understand at least part of what they’re saying in talk shows and interviews without reading the subtitles. I find I kind of lose focus on what they’re actually doing because I’m too busy reading what they’re saying.

I’m making progress. Slow progress. I can read a lot of Korean, but now it’s matter of actually knowing/understanding what I’m reading. Korean is actually a bit like English in the matter that it has an alphabet and as long as you know how each “letter” is pronounced, you can sound out the words.

9. Tell us something that you think about often?

I’m assuming since this is an “anything but books” tag, I can’t say books (because I spend a lot of time thinking about them)? Hm… I suppose I think about the songs I listen to a lot. I try to figure out their meaning.

10. Give us something that is your favorite. 

Watermelon. I love watermelon. Oddly enough, I love watermelon as a fruit, but love banana flavored things.

11. Say the first thing that pops inside your head. 

… Friends? I have no idea why that popped into my head. I don’t even watch the show. But, I suppose friends are great to have, so my answer isn’t too bad.

So that’s it for this tag! I tag A Book Blog, Imagination in PrintBooks & Tea Leaves, and anyone else who wants to do this tag. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Reader Problems Book Tag

Hi! I wasn’t tagged to do this, but I felt like doing one, so here I am. 😉

1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

Umm… If I’m being honest, instead of choosing a book from my TBR, I usually add a book I want to read next. Heh… Heh…

But, if I had to choose, then I would just look through the list, find titles I’m interested in (I’ve got so many books that I normally forget what the majority of the books are about), look at the synopses, then pick a book. Or I just base it on my mood.

2. You’re halfway through a book and you’re not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

Depends on the book. Sometimes I quit, sometimes I go on. If I’m not liking a book, I either skim through a section and find a place I’m interested in reading and continue from there, or skip to the end (usually if I skip to the end I’m most likely not going to finish the book).

3. The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?

This is my first year participating in the reading challenge, so I haven’t had any past experiences like that. If I had to say though, I think I would try as hard as possible to catch up, but I wouldn’t beat myself up if I didn’t complete it. I would just be very disappointed in myself. Very. Very. Disappointed.

4. The cover of a series you love do not match. How do you cope?

Umm… I don’t really cope, as much as become annoyed at the publishing company for changing the cover but ultimately do nothing because honestly, what company would actually read an email complaining about the cover change and do something about it?

I would just read the book, enjoy the content, and try not to look at the cover.

Of course, many would say they could just buy the entire series with the new covers, but there was one problem with the Across the Universe trilogy. The covers were beautiful for the first two books, then they changed the cover of the third book, but I liked the original covers much, much better. I was quite disappointed with the cover change.

5. Everyone and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings? 

Mm… Anyone I can find, really. I do try to listen to others’ opinions though. It’s always fascinating to hear about the other side.

6. You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal? 

I try really hard to suck in the tears, but if I can’t hold them in, then I just cry and let people judge. 😭

Or, you know, I just look up to see people staring at me and just laugh and point at myself and laugh some more to cover it up. 😂

7. A sequel to a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you reread the book?

Sometimes I’ll reread the first book, sometimes I won’t. It really depends on my mood. Just like Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. I felt like rereading it, so I did. Then I picked up the second book.

8. You do not want anyone. ANYONE. Borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people “nope” when they ask?

I usually recommend finding it at the library. If it’s not at our local library, then it’s most likely at libraries near us. The person can definitely find it.

9. Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?

I stop reading for a small period of time, then find a quick read to get back into the groove of things. This usually works. Usually. Or sometimes I just give up and pick up a book when I feel like it again.

10. There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

I pick the one I want to read the most (or I pick the one I think I’ll most likely read next), buy that, hesitate a bit because I really want to buy the other books too, and ultimately buy that one book and then check out the other books from the library.

11. After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?

Usually they sit there fore a while. Unless I really, really, really want to read the book. Then I would pick it up. But I’ll get to them eventually. Eventually. *whistles innocently*

If you want to do this tag, then I tag you! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 👋

The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag


I know this tag is pretty old, but I was inspired to do this, so here it is!

1. A popular book or series that you didn’t like. 

I didn’t really enjoy Anna and the French Kiss. A lot of booktubers and book bloggers spoke about how amazing it was and though it was cheesy it was super easy to get through, but it was a bit too lovey-dovey, soppy, and cliché for me. Also, I just wasn’t a big fan of the writing style and that is what often drives me away from books.

Furthermore, I know I’m only supposed to talk about one book, but I just want to say that I also really dislike The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. It was so boring (at least to me) and slow-paced. I didn’t like the writing style of that book either. Bet you’re seeing a trend, aren’t you?

2. A popular book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love. 

I wouldn’t say everyone seems to hate the Precious Stone trilogy, but I have read many reviews that say the writing was elementary and the main character was whiny and talked like she was much younger than her age.

Though the main character’s mental age was questionable, I found the series really enjoyable because all the books were incredibly quick reads and I loved the twists in the story and the action. I thought the plot was intricate and loved the storyline, so I was able to (sort-of) ignore the silliness of the main character (other than the times where she was having some sort of conflict with her love interest—those were just ridiculous).

Anyway, I still adored the series despite its flaws.

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did not want them to end up with or an OTP that you don’t like.

Mia and Colt from The Witches of the Glass Castle series. Man, I hated both of them. Mia because she was needy and very (very, very) stupid at times and Colt because he’s the most cliché “bad-boy-turned-good-because-of-a-girl” ever and I just despised his personality. Also, first he treats a girl terribly, and then he warms up to her because she’s just sooo alluring. Ugh.

4. A popular book genre that you hardly reach for. 

Well, I used to read contemporary books all the time, but now I normally reach for fantasy. So, since contemporary is a pretty popular book genre, I don’t really read it that much—mostly because many of them are romances and a lot of them have clichés that I can’t really stand.

5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like. 

I really don’t like Étienne St. Clair. I mean, I get that he belongs with Anna and everything, but I felt he was neglectful of his actual girlfriend as soon as he met Anna and it certainly wasn’t a good idea to make out with another girl in public when he was still technically together with his girlfriend! If he really was a good guy, he would have treated his girlfriend the correct way by breaking up with her by explaining things and not just neglecting her and kissing someone else in front of her.

6. A popular author that you can’t seem to get into.

I want to say Stephanie Perkins—okay, yeah, I’m going to say Stephanie Perkins. I think her books are way too cheesy for me.

Also, an honorable mention to Lauren Oliver. Her book Delirium was really predictable and cliché, so I don’t think I’ll be picking up any of her other books anytime soon (at least any other books in that series). (Though I did read her book Panic and it wasn’t too bad.)

7. A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing. 

Where do I start? Let’s see…

The worst of them are insta-love and love triangles (UGH I cannot stand love triangles at all).

But, here’s more: bad boys, “special snowflakes,” “the Chosen One,” good guys always winning, there being “good guys” and “bad guys” in the first place, and the characters always acting as if they can’t live without their love interest (*cough* Bella Swan *cough*).

8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading. 

The Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. I loved her Vampire Academy series, but I don’t think I want to read the spin-off series because I was never really a fan of Sydney or Adrian.

9. The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie,” but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

There hasn’t been a movie (yet) that was better than the book, but, though I absolutely loved the book The Fault in Our Stars, I also loved the movie (I sobbed so much reading the book and watching the movie).

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Image Disclaimer: The image above does not belong to me.