DISCUSSION: Why Do Our Reading Tastes Change?

Hello! It’s procrastination heaven over here.

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Heh… Heh…

Yeah, this definitely explains why I’m posting a discussion post when I’ve got a pile (figuratively speaking—it’s more like a long list) of assignments sitting right next to me.

(Argh, why am I always more productive with this blog when I have other things to do, but when I’m free the inspiration never comes?)

*sigh* Oh, well… Let’s get to the discussion, shall we?

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Why do our reading tastes change?

(Because human beings are very fickle creatures.) (Or is that just me?) *looks around*

Okay, in all seriousness, here are two reasons why I think our reading tastes change:

  1. We grow up. That’s just how it is. We must age, just as parrots must squawk until your ears fall off. (I know this from experience. It isn’t fun.)
  2. We get tired of reading certain types of books because, like I said before, we are fickle creatures who are never truly satisfied.

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When we grow older, we change. We become more mature. We think differently. (All side effects of growing up, along with other, less… welcomed things *coughs*.)

For example, I used to be that person who devoured romance, and only romance. If a book didn’t have romance I didn’t touch it. *looks incredibly ashamed*

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Anyway… Now I realize the mistakes of my past, younger self. A book having romance is a nice touch, but it doesn’t have to have any. Actually, now bad romances annoy me.

Look, if you’re going to add romance to a fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, any-genre-other-than-romance book, then you should make it good. Otherwise don’t add romance at all.

Also. Love triangles. Can’t stand ’em.

And I’d like to remain at least a five-mile radius from insta-love, please.

See? How I’ve changed! *looks proud at self*

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Yes, humans are fickle creatures (stated bluntly by William Hague: “I know people are fickle”), and that is a reason for a change in our reading tastes, but of course there’s another factor to our fickleness: some books are just the same plot over and over and OVER again.

For instance, all dystopians seem to go along the same line…

The Hunger Games, Divergent… And so on. Even other dystopians that aren’t seemingly as similar to each other as The Hunger Games and Divergent are seem to follow a certain pattern most dystopians do.

The moral of the story: In the future our world will be even more messed up than it already is (which is heck of an achievement, humans *slow claps*).

Or, we just read too much of a certain type of book and just feel like you need a break. Or just get sick of it. Like me and romance. *ahem*

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Why do YOU think our reading tastes change? 

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How My Blog’s Name Came to Be


Thanks to a post from Cait @ Paper Fury, I have decided to be unapologetically myself.

See, I’ve been holding back a bit of my craziness (everybody’s got a bit of crazy in them, right?)

Just thought I’d let you know I may seem a bit crazier now. And also, did you notice a change in my tagline? *winkety-wink-wink* And I’m trying out using caps in the blog name… Hm. Tell me what you think. It’s growing on me.

Anyway. Back to the original topic of this post. How I chose my blog’s name.

It’s very simple. I like books. I like clouds. And adding “poems” in between sounded good. Oh, and I’m getting a bit more into poetry now.

Err… Well. That wasn’t a very long explanation was it?

I suppose I could mention why I spontaneously decided that here we would all be part of Cloud Kingdom.

Clouds are wonderful. Clouds float high above ground, mostly untouchable. The best place to be is sitting on a cloud reading a book, separated from reality and blissfully feeling a certain freedom from being up in the air.

And clouds are fluffy.

So, yeah. Cloud kingdom. Here, everyone has their own personal cloud. And the cloud kingdom castle is filled to the brim with books for everyone to add to their stacks.

Oh, and obviously locals of Cloud Kingdom must spontaneously spout poetry because we cannot leave out that part of the blog name. 👍

Thanks for reading! Byeee! 👋



Why I Started Blogging

Hello, again! I know it’s been a while, but I’m back!

So, today I’ve decided to post about why I started this blog. Hm… Let’s go for a trip down memory lane…

Okay. Now that I’ve gone down memory lane in my head, here’s why I began this book blog:

1. I’d always loved books. Even in elementary school, I was that kid who hoarded books in her book cubby so no one else would take them and I could read them whenever I wanted to. Honestly, that was kind of pointless because I would save some books I really wanted to read for so long that I would forget about them (and since they were in my cubby, no one else got to enjoy them)…

2. This one’s a bit more complicated. Before I discovered the booktube and book blogging worlds, I’d kind of been stuck in my own bookish world. Of course, I could have talked about books with my friends, but one friend didn’t have the same reading tastes as I did and the other one… Well, once you got my other friend to start talking, she would never stop. I wouldn’t have much time to interject with my own thoughts.

Anyway. One day I got the idea to search up book recommendations on YouTube, and lo and behold, I was introduced to the world of booktubing! So, I found many booktubers I liked, and that’s when I felt inspired to start my own channel. But there was one issue. I didn’t have the equipment. And I’m also quite socially awkward so I cannot imagine what would have happened if I got in front of a camera.

That is why I decided to become a book blogger. I get to post constantly about my love for books without the complicated equipment and social anxiety.

I am glad I made the decision to become a book blogger. I love it. I think of my blog as a little home to discuss books and book related things. 🙂

3. Is it odd that I enjoy typing? It’s a win-win situation. I get to talk about books on my blog all the time and I don’t hate typing.

Plus, I adore designing layouts. Choosing the right colors, the right images, and the best theme fit for my blog was quite entertaining, and sometimes (if you’ve been here a while, then you know what I mean) I change my blog layout on a whim just because I feel like it (or I’m bored).

Thanks for reading! See you soon in my next post!


What Kind of Reader Are You?

The idea for this discussion popped into my head when I was thinking back to the books I’d read while preparing for a tag (I haven’t technically been tagged to do it, but I got inspired, so why not?).

That’s when I realized I really had to think about it. I had to go on Goodreads to look at books I’d read and look back to my lists of read books back before I had a Goodreads account. When I looked at my account and at the lists, I noticed that many of the books I had totally forgotten about (at the moment anyway) were ones that I had absolutely adored at the time!

This led to the conclusion that I tend to obsess over books (I used suffer through book hangovers quite a bit) and then read a new book and… Well, I don’t forget about the book, but my love for it diminishes.

For example: Air Awakens by Elise Kova. When I had just finished reading it I rambled on and on about how amazing it was, how it reminded us that we are human and a bunch of deep stuff that I won’t get into here.

Those things are still true—that book does represent the humanity we all have, but thinking about it now doesn’t spark the warmth I felt towards it before and though the ideas the book brought upon me were important, I feel that the book itself hasn’t impacted me all that much.

The put it all into a sentence: I am not the type of reader who will read a book and have it impact me for eternity. (At least that hasn’t happened yet. I really hope it one day will. And there are still books that I like to reread.) I’m the type of reader who obsesses over a book for a period of time, and then moves on. (Okay, maybe that was two sentences. Or five.)

Anyway, that’s the type of reader I am. I know there are many other types of readers out there. I also know there are many book bloggers and booktubers who have a certain book or series that has really influenced or impacted them, so they would mention them often or recommend them to everyone.

So. What reader are YOU?



I confess: The main reason why I’ve fallen into a reading slump is because of k-pop.

I am aware that this is a book blog, but I have decided to post about this just because it’s different from the usual, and why not?

Anyone ever tell you once you join the fandom you can’t leave? Well, listen that person because whoever it is is incredibly wise. I’ve jumped down the rabbit hole and can’t get out.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

End of February…

I was looking for new songs to listen to while reading (yes, I’m one of those readers who listens to music while reading—you’ll see in my Mystery Blogger Award post that I listen to music every chance I get) and suddenly discovered a song I had listened to a while ago: “Monster” by EXO. I remembered liking the song, so I decided to listen to it again. After that, all I did was play it on repeat.

By then, I hadn’t been sucked into the world of k-pop yet. I only was addicted to that one song. Then, I told my friend about it and found out that she was a k-pop fan. I’m fairly certain she was a k-pop fan in hiding because before then, she’d never uttered a single word about k-pop. She told me about EXO Showtime, which was a reality show of sorts (but much more interesting, hilarious, and contained no ridiculous drama—if you couldn’t tell, I am not normally a fan of reality shows because of their absolutely excessive drama) for the k-pop band EXO (obviously).

I was immediately hooked. Every time I watched an episode, it always ended with me laughing so hard that it hurt. Watching the show was my way of unwinding after a stressful day.

Because of the show, I was sucked into the black hole of k-pop. No escaping. Now whenever I have time to spare, I find myself watching all the variety shows EXO went on. Personally, I just think the members are all hilarious (even Suho, the “boring one”).

Also, I love EXO’s music. (If I hadn’t mentioned the music, this would have been a disaster. K-pop is a genre of music after all.) If you find me listening to music nowadays, it will most likely be a k-pop song.

Ah, I probably should not continue, as this may turn into one big post about my love for k-pop.

To relate this to books—I tried looking for books focusing on k-pop, but I found that many were not in English and others just weren’t good.

Don’t worry though—I think my reading slump is ending soon, so I’ll be able to get back to my books! (Just with the occasional watching of variety shows.) 😉

Anyone else a k-pop lover?

P.S. Can you count the number of times I’ve said k-pop in this post?



Reading Slumps

I am currently stuck in a giant reading slump which is why I have not posted in so long. How could I post about books when I can’t even get myself to read books?

Every time I pick up a book, all I do is read a few pages (not too willingly, I might add) and give up. Then I try again, and give up again. After this happened multiple times, I just gave up on picking up books altogether. I don’t think I’ve picked up a book in five days or more. *looks guilty*

I am now 3 (and counting) books behind my reading goal which is why I haven’t gone on Goodreads in so long—looking at the steadily increasing number of books behind I am is making me depressed.

I’ve heard in order to get rid of reading slumps I’m supposed to read a short, light or fluffy read, but I don’t usually read contemporary books until the summer, as I can’t get through them during the other seasons, so that hasn’t helped at all.

Now whenever I have time, instead of reading, I watch videos or daydream…

Even when I watch a booktuber’s video, I feel inspired to read a certain book, but discover I don’t have that book, so I fall right back into my reading slump.

So, I apologize for having not posted in so long.

I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. 😦

Anyone else currently suffering through a reading slump? Perhaps we can get through it together. 📖

Diverse Books

diversebooksWe all should read diverse books. We should all get exposed to everything and everyone. That is why reading diverse books is so important.

Not only is reading books about different races and cultures important, but we should all also read books focused things such as the LGBT+ community or mental illness.

Authors should write more books on those subjects as well. In our society, we should accept everyone. We are all different. What is considered normal for one person may be weird for someone else and vice versa.

That said, today I was thinking about a book I read many years ago called Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle. At the time, I knew that the book was quite diverse, but didn’t think much of it, as I was much younger, so I didn’t truly appreciate the diversity of it.

Now, looking at even just the cover and remembering a few things I read, I am aware that the characters are incredibly diverse: One is African-American (Violet), another is Asian (Katie-Rose), another is Caucasian (Milla), and the last one is Muslim (Yasaman).

As I read the book quite a few years ago, I don’t remember the details, but the two things that really stuck with me were that Milla had two moms and Yasaman wore a hijab and was proud of it. She didn’t care what people thought, and neither did Milla. They both were happy with their lives and did not allow others to judge them.

The way the author wrote about these characters was as if everyone was equal and everything was normal—which is the way it should be. 

Now I truly appreciate the diversity in the book. It touches upon more than one diverse subject, which I think is absolutely wonderful. Not only that, but this is a children’s book. 

Children should be exposed to diverse subjects. I suppose, at least in a small part, this book affected my thoughts on diversity.

So, go out and pick up some diverse books! 🙂 🌎