How My Blog’s Name Came to Be


Thanks to a post from Cait @ Paper Fury, I have decided to be unapologetically myself.

See, I’ve been holding back a bit of my craziness (everybody’s got a bit of crazy in them, right?)

Just thought I’d let you know I may seem a bit crazier now. And also, did you notice a change in my tagline? *winkety-wink-wink* And I’m trying out using caps in the blog name… Hm. Tell me what you think. It’s growing on me.

Anyway. Back to the original topic of this post. How I chose my blog’s name.

It’s very simple. I like books. I like clouds. And adding “poems” in between sounded good. Oh, and I’m getting a bit more into poetry now.

Err… Well. That wasn’t a very long explanation was it?

I suppose I could mention why I spontaneously decided that here we would all be part of Cloud Kingdom.

Clouds are wonderful. Clouds float high above ground, mostly untouchable. The best place to be is sitting on a cloud reading a book, separated from reality and blissfully feeling a certain freedom from being up in the air.

And clouds are fluffy.

So, yeah. Cloud kingdom. Here, everyone has their own personal cloud. And the cloud kingdom castle is filled to the brim with books for everyone to add to their stacks.

Oh, and obviously locals of Cloud Kingdom must spontaneously spout poetry because we cannot leave out that part of the blog name. 👍

Thanks for reading! Byeee! 👋




Why I Started Blogging

Hello, again! I know it’s been a while, but I’m back!

So, today I’ve decided to post about why I started this blog. Hm… Let’s go for a trip down memory lane…

Okay. Now that I’ve gone down memory lane in my head, here’s why I began this book blog:

1. I’d always loved books. Even in elementary school, I was that kid who hoarded books in her book cubby so no one else would take them and I could read them whenever I wanted to. Honestly, that was kind of pointless because I would save some books I really wanted to read for so long that I would forget about them (and since they were in my cubby, no one else got to enjoy them)…

2. This one’s a bit more complicated. Before I discovered the booktube and book blogging worlds, I’d kind of been stuck in my own bookish world. Of course, I could have talked about books with my friends, but one friend didn’t have the same reading tastes as I did and the other one… Well, once you got my other friend to start talking, she would never stop. I wouldn’t have much time to interject with my own thoughts.

Anyway. One day I got the idea to search up book recommendations on YouTube, and lo and behold, I was introduced to the world of booktubing! So, I found many booktubers I liked, and that’s when I felt inspired to start my own channel. But there was one issue. I didn’t have the equipment. And I’m also quite socially awkward so I cannot imagine what would have happened if I got in front of a camera.

That is why I decided to become a book blogger. I get to post constantly about my love for books without the complicated equipment and social anxiety.

I am glad I made the decision to become a book blogger. I love it. I think of my blog as a little home to discuss books and book related things. 🙂

3. Is it odd that I enjoy typing? It’s a win-win situation. I get to talk about books on my blog all the time and I don’t hate typing.

Plus, I adore designing layouts. Choosing the right colors, the right images, and the best theme fit for my blog was quite entertaining, and sometimes (if you’ve been here a while, then you know what I mean) I change my blog layout on a whim just because I feel like it (or I’m bored).

Thanks for reading! See you soon in my next post!