Bookmark Collection

Hi guys! I’m going to be sharing my bookmark collection, which, admittedly, is quite small because I have a bad habit of somehow losing a lot of my bookmarks. I am especially sad about losing my bookmark with Ernest Hemingway’s quote:

There is no friend as loyal as a book.

Which is very true.

I have 6 bookmarks (that I currently am able to locate) and a bunch of other magnetic ones that I won’t be including because they don’t fit into the aesthetic. 😉


(Going from left to right) The first one a friend gave to me. When I first got it I loved it because the material felt super smooth and I liked the simple-ish geometric design.

The next one I received with a book I bought from Book Depository (don’t remember which one, oops). That one is the one I currently favor. I also am aware I’m supposed to color it in, but the design is so intricate and beautiful that I don’t want to ruin it. Besides, the lack of color gives it elegance.

The next two I received in OwlCrate boxes (I know, I could’ve posted unboxings, but I kind of forgot). *looks sheepish* The watercolor one is too pretty, so I don’t want to crinkle it or break it by using it. At this point, I might just keep it because it looks nice. The one advertising Carve the Mark I just have yet to use. I plan on using it soon though. Wouldn’t want to put it to waste. A bookmark is a bookmark. 🙂

The last two I bought because of the real flowers incased inside. I thought they looked so naturally gorgeous that I had to buy two. As you can see from how worn they are, I use those often as well.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have a bookmark collection? 

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