Diverse Books

diversebooksWe all should read diverse books. We should all get exposed to everything and everyone. That is why reading diverse books is so important.

Not only is reading books about different races and cultures important, but we should all also read books focused things such as the LGBT+ community or mental illness.

Authors should write more books on those subjects as well. In our society, we should accept everyone. We are all different. What is considered normal for one person may be weird for someone else and vice versa.

That said, today I was thinking about a book I read many years ago called Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle. At the time, I knew that the book was quite diverse, but didn’t think much of it, as I was much younger, so I didn’t truly appreciate the diversity of it.

Now, looking at even just the cover and remembering a few things I read, I am aware that the characters are incredibly diverse: One is African-American (Violet), another is Asian (Katie-Rose), another is Caucasian (Milla), and the last one is Muslim (Yasaman).

As I read the book quite a few years ago, I don’t remember the details, but the two things that really stuck with me were that Milla had two moms and Yasaman wore a hijab and was proud of it. She didn’t care what people thought, and neither did Milla. They both were happy with their lives and did not allow others to judge them.

The way the author wrote about these characters was as if everyone was equal and everything was normal—which is the way it should be. 

Now I truly appreciate the diversity in the book. It touches upon more than one diverse subject, which I think is absolutely wonderful. Not only that, but this is a children’s book. 

Children should be exposed to diverse subjects. I suppose, at least in a small part, this book affected my thoughts on diversity.

So, go out and pick up some diverse books! 🙂 🌎