Winterspell by Claire Legrand: A Short Book Review

I’m not giving a synopsis this time because the review will be fairly short, but you can easily find it on Goodreads. I also won’t be putting the book cover (though I must say, the cover is quite stunning). That said, here we go!

Actual rating: ???

Well. I didn’t make it very far into this book, did I? I seem to be dnf-ing books more than usual. I normally finish books I don’t like just to see if they’ll get better. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t.

But, I am noticing a trend here. I seem to be dnf-ing books with terrible romances lately…

I mean, I got through the insta-love in Girl Online, but only because the book was fairly short and the font was large. This book has tiny font and is fairly long. Not happening.

In a way, I feel guilty for giving up a book just because of the romance, but I can’t help it. The majority of YA books have romance. And when the romance happens, it appears constantly. Sometimes it even overshadows the plot. Even if it doesn’t go that extreme, the romance is always there. And the reader is made aware of that.

And I knew that was going to happen with this book.

Before I start ranting, maybe I should speak about the good parts. The writing, I thought, was quite complex and I liked the style. The story was very fascinating and I could tell it would be dark. Oddly enough, I liked the father. Because he had character.

I thought Clara, the main character, was kind of generic. She was special. She could fight. Blah, blah, blah… Also, despite those two things, she seemed quite weak. I know she would probably develop into a badass female protagonist later in the book, but she’s so squeamish and whiny in the beginning.

Now, let’s get to the romance. Or at least the beginning of it. It really bothered me. (Slight spoiler – honestly, this one doesn’t matter because if you read the book it’ll be obvious) Clara is attracted to a statue. Yes, the statue ends up being an actual person who was cursed, but before she knew that, years before she knew that, she was attracted to the statue. There is a name for when a person is attracted to a statue: Agalmatophilia. Ummm… I doubt the author addresses that in the book, which concerns me.

Also, aside from that, there was 100% insta-love. Clara and the statue-turned-human/prince (I forgot his name – oops) immediately felt a connection to each other. *smacks hand on forehead*

So, yeah. Not finishing this book. But, I suppose you could possibly like it for its storyline…

Thanks for reading! 🙂

P.S. You can also find my review of it on Goodreads.