I confess: The main reason why I’ve fallen into a reading slump is because of k-pop.

I am aware that this is a book blog, but I have decided to post about this just because it’s different from the usual, and why not?

Anyone ever tell you once you join the fandom you can’t leave? Well, listen that person because whoever it is is incredibly wise. I’ve jumped down the rabbit hole and can’t get out.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

End of February…

I was looking for new songs to listen to while reading (yes, I’m one of those readers who listens to music while reading—you’ll see in my Mystery Blogger Award post that I listen to music every chance I get) and suddenly discovered a song I had listened to a while ago: “Monster” by EXO. I remembered liking the song, so I decided to listen to it again. After that, all I did was play it on repeat.

By then, I hadn’t been sucked into the world of k-pop yet. I only was addicted to that one song. Then, I told my friend about it and found out that she was a k-pop fan. I’m fairly certain she was a k-pop fan in hiding because before then, she’d never uttered a single word about k-pop. She told me about EXO Showtime, which was a reality show of sorts (but much more interesting, hilarious, and contained no ridiculous drama—if you couldn’t tell, I am not normally a fan of reality shows because of their absolutely excessive drama) for the k-pop band EXO (obviously).

I was immediately hooked. Every time I watched an episode, it always ended with me laughing so hard that it hurt. Watching the show was my way of unwinding after a stressful day.

Because of the show, I was sucked into the black hole of k-pop. No escaping. Now whenever I have time to spare, I find myself watching all the variety shows EXO went on. Personally, I just think the members are all hilarious (even Suho, the “boring one”).

Also, I love EXO’s music. (If I hadn’t mentioned the music, this would have been a disaster. K-pop is a genre of music after all.) If you find me listening to music nowadays, it will most likely be a k-pop song.

Ah, I probably should not continue, as this may turn into one big post about my love for k-pop.

To relate this to books—I tried looking for books focusing on k-pop, but I found that many were not in English and others just weren’t good.

Don’t worry though—I think my reading slump is ending soon, so I’ll be able to get back to my books! (Just with the occasional watching of variety shows.) 😉

Anyone else a k-pop lover?

P.S. Can you count the number of times I’ve said k-pop in this post?