UPDATE: New Theme & Posting

Hello, fellow holiday-goers! Happy Chanukah (or Hanukkah, however you prefer it) for those who celebrate it. 🙂

I have not posted in ages, though I have my reasons. (I know my actions have still been shameful – please forgive me.)

My reasons?

giphy-downsized (25).gif


Anyway, I want to be honest with you guys, so I’ll say this: I might not be able to post during holiday break (it’s coming up – finally!). I’ll be going on vacation, and by the time I get back I’ll most likely have a lot of work to finish.

However, I can promise I’ll try as hard as I can to post!

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do know that I’ll be posting my Christmas Readathon TBR soon, so be sure to check for that. 😄

Alright – I’m Audi! (If anyone get’s that reference, props to you. 👍 )