Spring/Summer Layout Change

Well. It seems I have a problem when it comes to my blog layout.

So, I have devised a plan that allows me to change my layout occasionally (not so much that every time you visit my blog it looks different).

The layout of my blog will change with the seasons. So, during the winter I opted for darker themes, but as it is now spring (though where I live it seems the weather has chosen to skip over spring and head straight for summer), I’ve gone for a cleaner, brighter look. I may even keep this for the summer (ha, just kidding—you guys should know me by now).

Anyway, just wanted to update on that so you guys don’t think I’ve gone an changed my blog design for no reason (though it was kind of on the whim).

Thanks for reading! 🙂

P. S. Considering how many layout change updates I’ve posted, I’m realizing that I could create a separate category just for that.